Eat local all year round with The Travelling Jar!

From June 5th to August 25th, several food preservation techniques will be presented at an IGA near you, so you can enjoy the flavours of summer all year round. Surprises to be won, come and spin the wheel of fortune!*

Take action on Food Preservation Day, October 13th!

*While stocks last. One item per person.

Eat local fruit and vegetables because :

This contest will run until October 9th, 2022, 3:00 pm (ET). See the complete rules.

They travel a shorter distance and therefore generate fewer greenhouse gases.

Short distribution channels reduce pollution, since produce requires less packaging.

Sources : Aliments du Québec (2023), Université McGill (2023).

Since they are harvested when ripe, they are tastier and some even have better nutritional value.

This encourages local producers and generates significant spin-offs for the local economy.

Sources : Aliments du Québec (2023), Université McGill (2023).

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Save the planet by keeping it local!

Preserving local fruit and vegetables is an easy habit to adopt, and one that helps reduce our environmental footprint. Simple and effective preservation techniques have been around for a long time, so you can enjoy local flavours all year long. (Re)discover them and take action with the tools below. Here’s to your jars!


Fruit and Vegetable Sheets


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The Travelling Jar team has been visiting IGA stores around Quebec and New-Brunswick to share simple preservation techniques and promote eating local year-round!
Practice your skills and put the flavors of summer in a jar by celebrating Food Preservation Day, the Sunday before Thanksgiving, on October 13th.
Upcoming events…
A recipe to preserve by Isabelle Deschamps-Plante

For Food Preservation Day 2023, Isabelle Deschamps-Plante, chef and host of La cuisine d’Isabelle et Ricardo, offers a recipe for pickled beets, peaches and whipped ricotta made from preserved foods.


Put the flavours of summer in a jar and get a chance to win $500 gift card valid at all IGA stores!

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by posting a photo of your preserved food as a comment on our post! Dehydration, freezing and canning accepted!
This contest will run until October 10th, 2022, midnight (ET). See the complete rules.

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