Eat local all year long with The Traveling Jar and Food Preservation Day!

From August 3rd to October 9th, several food preservation techniques were brought to an IGA near you so that you can enjoy the flavours of summer all year-round. The Travelling Jar concluded its journey on October 9th, the Sunday before Thanksgiving, with the celebration of Food Preservation Day!

Preserve well, eat well!

All season long, The Travelling Jar featured delicious local fruits and vegetables, and offered you the chance to win dehydrators to enjoy them all winter long. Stop by one of our kiosks next year for even more items and activities.
This contest will run until October 9th, 2022, 3:00 pm (ET). See the complete rules.

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kilograms of fruits and vegetables have been preserved!

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The Travelling Jar team has been visiting IGA stores around Quebec and New-Brunswick to share simple preservation techniques and promote eating local year-round!
Practice your skills and put the flavors of summer in a jar by celebrating Food Preservation Day, the Sunday before Thanksgiving, on October 9th!
A recipe to preserve by Geneviève O'Gleman

Geneviève O’Gleman, nutritionist and host of Radio-Canada’s Savourer (Savour it) program, reveals two recipes for corn and zucchini relish dogburgers made from preserved foods. A tofu version and a chicken version!

Watch them without moderation!


Put the flavours of summer in a jar and get a chance to win $500 gift card valid at all IGA stores!

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by posting a photo of your preserved food as a comment on our post! Dehydration, freezing and canning accepted!
This contest will run until October 10th, 2022, midnight (ET). See the complete rules.

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Well-preserved techniques

These days it’s easy to eat food from across the globe. That said, eating produce that grows close to home tastes better and is better for the planet! To enjoy local flavours all year long, preservation techniques that have existed for a really long time can be useful. Discover or rediscover these techniques and practice! Here’s to your jars!

Technique 1: Freezing

Shelf life:

From one week to several months!

  • Water in food turns to ice.
  • The cold slows down the chemical reactions that cause food to break down.
  • Bacteria in the food go into hibernation (but don’t die!)

Technique 2: Dehydration

Shelf life:

Four months to one year!

  • The water in the food evaporates.
  • Bacteria suffocate and have no place to grow!
  • The lower the humidity level, the less likely they are to survive.

Technique 3: Canning

Shelf life:

Over one year at room temperature!
  • Cooked foods are heat treated to stop the growth of bacteria and other food-destroying microorganisms.
  • The hermetic seal protects the contents by preventing oxygen from getting in.

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